Audio Editing

Editing, re-arranging and mastering of existing audio files

We provide a wide range of audio editing services and can work with just about any type of audio file.

  • Floor music for gymnastics
  • Singing competitions
    • 90 second and 2-minute edits
  • Remove unwanted parts from audio files
  • Clean up audio files
  • Voice over editing
  • Audio editing of interview or chat programs for television and radio
  • Mastering / EQ on existing audio tracks

Some audio file types we’re able to edit:

  • WAV (preferable)
  • MP3
  • AAC
  • AIFF
  • and many others, just ask!
Audio Editing Services Cape Town

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We can produce backing tracks and midi files to order. Audio editing, voice overs and customizing of tracks. Recording of demos and full productions. If you're interested in any of these custom services, please contact us now!